400Hz Cable


400Hz cable (6 around 1 XHHW-2) is used as a power source for mainframe computers. TV and radio station output power supply. aircraft ground power supplies at airport terminals, plus many other applications. 



Stranded soft drawn conductors, insulated with black cross-linked polyethylene, type XHHW-2. Six conductors phase-identified (numbered #1 through #6) and twisted around one central/nuetral conductor so that they are in sequence graduating clockwise from #1 to #6 (six arond one construction, commonly known as a planetary wrap).



  1. Stranded soft drawn copper conductors conform to ASTM B-3, B-8 and B-787.
  2. Individual conductors conform to UL Standard 44, and are approved as Type XHHW-2.
  3. Sunlight Resistant and Gasoline and Oil Resistant I & II.
  4. Sizes 1/0 AWG and larger are suitable For CT Use per UL Standard 1685.
  5. Cables conform to ICEA S-95-658/NEMA WC-70.
  6. Cables designed to pass the IEEE-383 ribbon burner flame test.


BASIC                        SIZE/                     STRD.                    INSUL.                      ASSEMBLY                   ASSEMBLY WEIGHT

CAT. NO.                    AWG.                                                    mils.                            O.D.                             lbs/m ft.